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Sport - 13.03.2020
Finding the positives
Finding the positives
Heinz Frei is one of the most successful Swiss athletes of all time. He has been in a wheelchair since an accident over 40 years ago.

Sport - Innovation - 09.01.2020
2020 Youth Olympic Games: a testing ground for new technologies
Almost 2,000 athletes aged 18 and under will descend on Lausanne and the surrounding area for the Youth Olympic Games.

Sport - 20.03.2017
The new NEST unit is slowly taking shape
The new NEST unit is slowly taking shape
The building work on the new Solar Fitness & Wellness unit is making steady progress. From August onwards, users will be able to enthusiastically indulge their sporting passions and then afterwards no less enthusiastically relax and recover from their efforts.

Sport - 06.09.2016
Exploding boules balls
A local festival, a pleasant summer's evening, a friendly game of boules - and suddenly a deafening bang.

Sport - Computer Science - 28.05.2014
Statistics that Help Win a Match
A tracking system for athletes, currently used by the Montreux Volley Masters, provides real-time statistics during the game on players and the ball.