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Psychology - Sport Sciences - 31.05.2018
Psychology: phasing out nuclear energy could affect safety
Psychology: phasing out nuclear energy could affect safety
The way in which the phase-out of nuclear power plants in Germany is currently planned could negatively influence the safety of the facilities.

Linguistics / Literature - Sport Sciences - 01.03.2018

Environment - Sport Sciences - 24.08.2017
Sustainable wellness with solar energy
Sustainable wellness with solar energy
There is a growing need in our society for fitness and wellness, which generally incurs environmental costs and swallows up large quantities of energy.

Sport Sciences - Environment - 16.06.2017
A video game demonstrates how energy choices affect our carbon footpr
‘Mission Possible' combines scientific rigor and good fun to help us understand the carbon impact of our personal energy choices.

Social Sciences - Sport Sciences - 11.05.2017
Better a ‘No’ Than No Answer at All
After experiencing social exclusion, a minimum of attention suffices to reduce individuals' negative emotions. Even rejection or unkind comments are better for well-being than being ignored by other people. This finding has important implications for the treatment of applicants during selection processes, report psychologists from the University of Basel and Purdue University in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Sport Sciences - 20.03.2017
The new NEST unit is slowly taking shape
The new NEST unit is slowly taking shape
The building work on the new Solar Fitness & Wellness unit is making steady progress. From August onwards, users will be able to enthusiastically indulge their sporting passions and then afterwards no less enthusiastically relax and recover from their efforts.

Health - Sport Sciences - 27.01.2016
Two New Vice-Rectors Elected
Media releases, information for representatives of the media Media Relations (E) The Executive Council of the Canton of Bern has elected two new Vice-Rectors to serve in the Executive Board of the University of Bern.