Accolades to IDSIA ’virtual rehabilitation’

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The "Remotely-assisted Enhanced Mirror Therapy (REMiT)" rehabilitation project has received the "Quality of Life" award given by the Fondation Dalle Molle pour la qualité de la vie to promote digital technologies that are beneficial to humanity.

The project was developed by researchers at the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence USI-SUPSI (an organisation now completely independent from Fondation Dalle Molle) Antonio Paolillo, Gabriele Abbate and Alessandro Giusti , together with Luca Randazzo of Emovo Care.

The project proposes an innovative form of telerehabilitation that enhances Mirror Therapy. Mirror Therapy is a therapy that involves the use of mirrors to reflect the healthy limb, which creates the impression of perceiving the limb affected by a pathology. The system developed at IDSIA uses virtual reality and hand exoskeleton to improve mirror therapy for the recovery of lost hand functionalities. The remote connection to the virtual therapeutic environment benefits both patients and caregivers by improving their condition.