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Economics - Administration - 10.03.2023

Administration - 06.12.2022
Beyond marketing - Are aid organizations with quality seals more trustworthy?
Christmas is a time for donating. As the end of the year approaches, donation requests from various aid organizations tumble in almost daily.

Computer Science - Administration - 02.12.2022
Confederation sets targets for the use of data science
The federal government wishes to use data science in a more targeted way in the future to support the government and the administration in their work.

Research Management - Administration - 27.10.2022

Research Management - Administration - 04.02.2022

Economics - Administration - 19.01.2022
A label for digital responsibility
With the launch of the Digital Trust Label, developed by the Swiss Digital Initiative with the help of EPFL experts, users can clearly identify trustworthy digital services.

Administration - Innovation - 10.12.2021
Federal Council intends to increase Swiss support for CERN projects
Switzerland must promote CERN's long-term development potential, particularly in terms of spatial planning, which has prompted the Federal Council to initiate work on a federal sectoral plan focusing on CERN projects.

Administration - Innovation - 12.11.2021

Administration - Politics - 14.09.2021

Innovation - Administration - 25.08.2021
Federal Council seeks to strengthen Switzerland's appeal as a location for startups
The Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER was commissioned by the Federal Council to examine Switzerland's startup ecosystem.

Research Management - Administration - 14.07.2021

Research Management - Administration - 25.06.2021

Innovation - Administration - 14.06.2021

Environment - Administration - 11.05.2021
German-speaking Switzerland less critical of 5G expansion
The 5G wireless standard is a less polarising issue among the Swiss population than thought. According to a survey conducted by ETH researchers, the majority of people are in favour of 5G. However, a substantial portion of the population in the French-speaking region had concerns about electromagnetic radiation.

Computer Science - Administration - 25.03.2021

Administration - Law - 22.03.2021

Politics - Administration - 12.02.2021
Call for transparency
The turbulence created by speculation in GameStop shares has highlighted the lack of transparency on trading platforms.

Health - Administration - 11.12.2020
"Hardly anyone had anticipated this scenario"
The COVID-19 pandemic is putting Swiss crisis management to the test. ETH Professor Andreas Wenger and his team from the Center for Security Studies have investigated in detail how well Switzerland coped with the first phase of the crisis.

Health - Administration - 26.10.2020

Health - Administration - 11.09.2020
Coronavirus: No quarantine for persons entering from border regions
At its meeting on 11 September, the Federal Council decided on the quarantine rules for persons entering Switzerland from neighbouring countries: only those regions of neighbouring countries where th

Health - Administration - 10.09.2020

Career - Administration - 08.07.2020

Computer Science - Administration - 08.07.2020

Administration - Health - 01.07.2020

Innovation - Administration - 19.06.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Administration - 11.06.2020
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