Art created by computers

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(Photograph: Nicole Davidson / ETH Zürich)
(Photograph: Nicole Davidson / ETH Zürich)

Four students at ETH Zurich’s Student Project House have launched "Generai", a platform that uses artificial intelligence to create works of art.

Generai creates art based on its users’ imaginations. The process is as uncomplicated as it is quick: all users have to do is enter text describing the work of art they want to create. The platform suggests keywords that can be used to define the image. Depending on their personal preferences, users can choose a specific style of painting. Once they are satisfied with the text description, the computer begins to create their work of art.

Generai delivers four unique images in high resolution that can be downloaded. Users can also order a printed version of the images on metal, canvas or as a poster.

"We were afraid of getting negative feedback from artists. But the opposite turned out to be the case. Many artists have already started using our services," says Jan Schnyder, co-founder of Generai.

The students emphasise that their goal is not to replace human artists, but rather to support them. Artists can use their tool as a basis for their own ideas and creations.