Art from the lab: the beauty of science

A. Bergamini, Noise cancelling design element, Aluminum, 2018

A. Bergamini, Noise cancelling design element, Aluminum, 2018

How can the magic of scientific discoveries in the lab be conveyed to a broad audience? The exhibition "ArtSci2018" at ETH Zurich from 22 April to 6 May will focus on the beauty and relevance of research results. Two Empa researchers will also present contributions.

The two-week exhibition "ArtSci2018: Illustrating Research" will put the spotlight on the interface between science and art. From 22 April, more than 30 researchers will be showing their works at ETH Zurich. Empa exhibits provided by Bernd Nowack and Andrea Bergamini will also be part of the exhibition.

Bernd Nowack from the "Technology and Society" lab has long been interested in the photographic and artistic representation of research problems such as the risk analysis of nanoparticles in the environment. Two of his works will be showcased at "ArtSci2018".

With the so-called phononic crystal, materials scientist Andrea Bergamini from the "Acoustics/Noise Control" lab and his team have developed a structure, with which annoying noises can be dampened or highly sensitive precision instruments can be installed vibration-free. The structure is inspired by the atomic structure of a natural crystal. At Empa, with the support of the Designer-in-Residence, Christian Lauchenauer, the crystal is being further developed for use in vehicle construction or interior design. As an object at the intersection of research, design and nature, the crystal is particularly suitable for the "ArtSci2018".

In addition to presenting the exhibits, the organizers Camille Weill, Lynn Boynton and Pauline Béziat will be offering workshops and a science slam to accompany "ArtSci2018".

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