Bachelor in Nursing for qualified nurses - the first course is fully booked, an additional course will start in spring 2025 due to high demand

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Good news: We are starting the new Bachelor in Nursing for qualified nurses in September with a full course of study. All 36 study places have already been filled.

The response highlights the need for nurses with a UAS degree and we are delighted to be able to help meet this demand with the new course.
Due to the high demand, the next course will start in the spring semester of 2025. There are once again 36 study places available.

In concrete terms, this means that The two introductory days will take place in calendar week 7/2025, and the regular course will start in calendar week 8/2025. The study days (Monday: face-to-face teaching; Tuesday: guided self-study) and semester structure will be the same as at the start of autumn 2024, and the general conditions (such as study days, semester structure, etc.) will also remain unchanged.

Registration for the spring semester is now open.