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Physics - Campus - 14.03.2023

Computer Science - Campus - 10.03.2023

Life Sciences - Campus - 10.03.2023

Campus - 08.03.2023

Campus - Event - 23.01.2023

Life Sciences - Campus - 18.01.2023
Becoming a lab head
In this new series, we feature FMI alumni and the diverse careers they have chosen after leaving our institute.

Campus - Event - 27.12.2022
Our top ten news articles from 2022
Our top ten news articles from 2022
1. EPFL mathematician Maryna Viazovska is awarded a Fields Medal In July, Maryna Viazovska, who holds the Chair of Number Theory at EPFL, has been awarded a Fields Medal , widely considered to be the highest accolade in her discipline and described as the Nobel Prize of Mathematics. At 37 years of age, Viazovska has thus become only the second female Fields Medalist - after Maryam Mirzakhani in 2014.

Campus - 23.12.2022
Of cancer therapy research and Mars volcanism
Of cancer therapy research and Mars volcanism
A special year is soon coming to an end. In 2022, much has been researched, developed and invented at ETH Zurich. ETH News looks back on an eventful past year. January Robot ANYmal can walk over hill and dale - thanks to its visual perception and sense of touch, made possible by artificial intelligence.

Campus - Health - 20.12.2022

Campus - 16.12.2022
New approaches to waste management
New approaches to waste management
Students from ETH and the Ghanaian university KNUST came up with some creative solutions for sustainable waste management at the Rethinking Waste summer school, where knowledge sharing and intercultural exchange topped the agenda.

Campus - Research Management - 15.12.2022

Career - Campus - 15.12.2022

Research Management - Campus - 15.11.2022

Campus - Computer Science - 27.09.2022

Research Management - Campus - 26.09.2022

Campus - Life Sciences - 22.09.2022

Campus - Economics - 14.09.2022

Campus - 31.08.2022
Giant wheel used to test a linear motor
Giant wheel used to test a linear motor
Summer series - Master's project (10). Jérémie Pochon has built a test bench for evaluating the type of motor that could one day drive the Hyperloop transportation system. The Hyperloop holds the promise of low-carbon transportation that's fast, efficient and affordable. But before passengers can be enclosed inside a pod and propelled along a vacuum tube at mind-boggling speeds, there's a lot of modeling, simulation, testing and validation work to be done - starting at a pilot scale.

Campus - 18.08.2022
Do we have an unhealthy appetite for pie (charts)?
Do we have an unhealthy appetite for pie (charts)?
Summer series - Semester project. Three university students, as part of their critical data studies class, wrote a light-hearted yet instructive comic strip about perception biases in the presentation of data. The story starts with two artisan cheesemakers who are hauling their product to market when their carts - one horse-drawn, the other ox-drawn - collide.

Environment - Campus - 16.08.2022
RebuiLT, or how to rebuild a house sustainably
RebuiLT, or how to rebuild a house sustainably
The Low-Tech Lab in Lausanne has been part of the Unipoly association of EPFL since 2021 and aims to popularize the low-tech approach already found in several other European universities.

Campus - 21.07.2022
The ’Uber files’ and the integrity of scientific research
An extensive journalistic investigation, conducted by Britain's Guardian together with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, has exposed the aggressive lobbying practices conducted between 2013 and 2017 by Uber, the ride-hailing service that, according to documents released to the public, violated the law, deceived regulators and took advantage of acts of violence against its drivers to lobby politicians and the public.
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