Cities as habitats

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Swiss Federal Institute WSL (2024) The city: habitat for people, animals and plants WSL Magazine Diagonal, 24/1: 36 p.

City as habitat

Urban areas can harbour many animal and plant species, and thus contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.

Infographic: Subsidies

The government uses subsidies to support urban areas - sometimes endangering biodiversity in the process.

Birds on duty as pest controllers

Urban trees are exposed to many dangers, not least invasive insects. WSL is investigating the role birds play in the fight against these pests.

"The requirements for urban open spaces are high"

A conversation about how the needs of both people and nature can be considered in urban areas.

Darkening the night

It is no longer truly dark in Switzerland. WSL is researching how artificial light affects people and the environment.

One for all

Forests close to cities are extremely popular with people seeking respite. This is a challenge for foresters - and inspires them to be creative.


’On the water with respect’: does information change people’s environmental behaviour while stand-up paddleboarding?

Natural hazards

"We didn’t anticipate this" - you shouldn’t have