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ETH News has been videoing three student teams working on focus projects. One of these is the Sowa team.

Around half a billion people worldwide have no access to clean drinking water. As part of the Sowa (short for solar water) focus project, eight students are working on a device that will enable energy-efficient and sustainable treatment of water contaminated with dirt, heavy metals and microorganisms. To ensure that the device functions independently of the electrical grid, it has been equipped with an autonomous control system and draws its energy from solar cells. The system has been designed to fit onto the loading area of a pickup truck for easy transportation.

Focus projects

In focus projects, bachelor’s students in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering put what they have learned into practice by developing a product independently. After identifying a market-oriented problem, the teams go through the entire product development process under realistic conditions: from marketing, conception, design and engineering to simulation and production. On 31 May 2022, the students will present their projects in a public exhibition. ETH News has accompanied three project teams with a video camera. We will be publishing the last of the three films next week.

Focus Roll-out

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