Cybersecurity and ways to handle uncertainties

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In the third part of the ETH-podcast series on the topic of uncertainty senior lecturer Myriam Dunn Cavelty and student Karin Holzhauser talk about cybersecurity and its role in computer science.

ETH senior lecturer Myriam Dunn Cavelty never imagined that cybersecurity would evolve from a niche subject to a big thing. Today, the topic is on everyone’s lips - and it is an important research field at ETH Zurich. Myriam is a highly respected researcher in the area and talks about how cybersecurity and uncertainty come as a pair.

In the third episode of the uncertainty series of the ETH podcast, we also meet student Karin Holzhauser. She decided to go back to university after having had a career in the business world and having stayed home with her family for a while. Out of all subjects, she chose Computer Science at ETH Zurich as, after all, she wanted to get involved and shape the future.

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