Disciplinary investigation concluded

The disciplinary investigation into the case of a professor in the Department of Architecture (D-ARCH) has now been concluded. The professor has been cleared of the allegation of sexual harassment, but was found to be in breach of ETH Zurich’s Compliance Guide. He has decided to leave the university.

In September 2018 ETH Zurich launched a disciplinary investigation into a professor in the Department of Architecture. This investigation, conducted and since completed by an external independent investigator, concluded that the professor did not effectively separate his personal and professional relationships. As a result, his conduct was in breach of ETH Zurich’s Compliance Guide.

In view of the protracted proceedings and the associated personal and professional pressure, the professor in question has decided to leave ETH Zurich on 31 July 2019 and seek a new challenge. At his request, the university has released him from his teaching duties up to the end of the semester to allow him to devote his full attention to winding up his research projects.

The President of ETH Zurich has acknowledged the professor’s decision and forwarded it to the ETH Board, which is in charge of employment relationships for professors. This concludes the disciplinary investigation.