Eight research projects at USI supported by the SNSF

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Eight projects submitted by USI have received positive feedback in the first of the two annual rounds of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). The research projects cover various disciplines of study at the University. 

The Swiss National Science Foundation allocates funds to the best projects submitted for evaluation within the two annual deadlines of April and October. With eight projects supported, USI reaffirms the quality and competitiveness of its research at a national level.  

"These results confirm the quality of the projects submitted by our researchers in an increasingly competitive environment where only about one-third of the proposals are funded." says Professor Benedetto Lepori , Rector’s Delegate for Research Analysis and Head of USI’s Research and Transfer Service. Professor Patrick Gagliardini , USI Pro-rector for research, adds that "these projects explore areas of research that are strategic for USI and interdisciplinary in nature, and allow the funding of young researchers".

The set of projects supported shows the liveliness of the research areas of USI’s faculties and affiliates, touching on very different disciplines.  

For the Faculty of Informatics, support goes to five projects: a study on information retrieval, Personality And Conversational INformatiOn Access, Fabio Crestani, the TRUST-ME project (TRUstworthy enhancement of job SaTisfaction and productivity using Micro-sensing in work Environments, Marc Langheinrich), the A-Test Autonomic Software Testing study (Mauro Pezzè), the TopoScope project: a Topographical Approach to Software Testing (Tonella Paolo) and the project The Informatics of Heat, Time, and Causality (Stefan Wolf). 

The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences will receive funds for two studies: Dr Maurizio Molinari, Protein quality control and degradation from the endoplasmic reticulum, and Dr Luca Varani, Multispecific antibodies against infectious diseases

In economics, funds went to the inter-faculty project Large-scale kernel methods in financial economics by Prof. Paul Schneider (Faculty of Economics) and Prof. Michael Multerer (Faculty of Informatics). 


Altogether, the eight projects received funding totalling some CHF 7 million.