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The conference series "Energy, climate and sustainable development" is promoted by the Institute of Economics (IdEP) of USI Faculty of Economics. The closing public conference will be held on Monday, 9 March at 6:30 pm in the Lugano campus auditorium. The event is part of a project carried out by the group "Sale in zucca" of High School Lugano 1 and it is organised in collaboration with IdEP and the Ticino Society of Natural Sciences (STSN).

From the young generations to their families: the first two conferences of the series that began in December , opened a dialogue between experts, high school students and USI students, as representatives of the new generation in charge of spreading the "good practices" learned to face environmental challenges. The third conference invites the population to broaden their definition of sustainability. The star of the evening, moderated by RSI journalist Nicola Colotti , will be carbon dioxide and the concrete actions that needs to be taken to reduce emissions. In order to implement such actions, it is important to bring into play expertise in several fields, hence the choice of the speakers: the meteorologist Marco Gaia , head of the South Regional Centre of MeteoSwiss, the chemical engineer Marco Mazzotti , professor at the ETH Zurich and the economist Massimo Filippini , professor USI-ETH. Climate change, renewable energies and new technologies for sustainable development will be the key words of the evening, and the starting point to answer the questions of the audience. 

"With this series of conferences, USI’s Institute of Economics had the opportunity to establish important collaborations with institutions and organizations active in the area, in particular the nearby Liceo Lugano 1, and to foster dialogue on the theme of sustainable development. We wish for this series to be the first in a long line of initiatives in which USI puts its scientific expertise in this field at the service of the region" says Prof. Mario Jametti , Director of IdEP.