Equal pay analysis 2020: gratifying results

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The pay gap between men and women at Empa in 2020 was -1.4 %, well below the per

The pay gap between men and women at Empa in 2020 was -1.4 %, well below the permitted tolerance threshold. Image: Empa

The ETH Board had the six institutions of the ETH Domain check whether women and men are paid the same for the same work. The results are encouraging: nowhere was the difference greater than 2 %. Up to 5 % is considered acceptable or within the range of uncertainty.

The revised Gender Equality Act (GEA) came into force on 1 July 2020. Since then, employers with more than 100 employees have been required to conduct an equal pay analysis, have it verified by an independent body and inform the employees of the result. The ETH Domain voluntarily conducted equal pay analyses even before they became a legal obligation, and these have always confirmed that women and men receive equal pay in the ETH Domain.

In 2020, PwC carried out an equal pay analysis for the institutions of the ETH Domain using the scientifically and legally endorsed EQUAL-SALARY method. The analysis was checked by BDO AG in 2021 and confirms the good results of the equal pay analysis of the year 2015. At the different institutions, the pay gap between men and women varied from 2.0% in favour of men to 1.4% in favour of women: ETH Zurich: -1.2%, EPFL: -0.1%, PSI: -2.0%, WSL: -1.2%, Empa: -1.2%, Eawag: +1.4%. All these figures are well within the tolerance level of 5% set by the Confederation.

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