Exploring forgiveness and grace as possible psychological strengths: A multi-method research project

Conférence de Jessie Dezutter, PhD - Assistant Research Professor Meaning Research in Late Life (lab), Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KU Leuven - Belgium

Mardi 2 octobre 2018
de 17h15 à 19h00
Salle 5033 Anthropole

Dans le cadre du colloque de recherche ISSR

This conference will focus on two theological important aspect, forgiveness and grace, but will approach these aspects from the perspective of positive psychology. First, a theoretical framework of forgiveness will be offered, followed by findings from longitudinal and cross-sectional quantitative studies conducted at our lab. Second, the possibility to approach grace as a psychological strength will be discussed, followed by an illustration of a recently started mixed-method research project aiming to clarify the lay conceptualization of grace.