Four videos to understand privacy

Thanks to a science communication project on and Giovani e Media, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) and USI have produced four educational video clips to help us understand how digital applications and social media use personal data.

Digital technologies make it easy to access services and information that make our daily lives easier, but if not used consciously they risk exposing our personal data and violating our fundamental rights. One of the great challenges for education and technology is to make people, and in particular young people, aware of the value of their personal data and careful and competent in protecting them.

The Making A Privacy-Aware World (MAPAW) project, funded by the Agora programme of the Swiss National Science Foundation, is a collaboration between the Laboratory of Technology and Media in Education of the Department of Formation and Learning (DFA-SUPSI) and the Laboratory of Complex Systems and Pervasive Networking of the Department of Innovative Technologies (DTI-SUPSI), with the contribution of the Competence Centre in Digital Law at USI.

In the first months of the project, the researchers designed a series of four videos to answer these questions:

  • Who cares about our personal data and why?
  • How is it collected and where is it transferred?
  • What rights do we have as users?

Using examples illustrated by the original and intriguing visual language created by illustrator Milly Miljkovic, the videos tell the story of the journey of personal data through everyday digital applications.
The videos are freely available, and are used as working material in the interactive iBuddy sessions, developed within the project itself and offered to middle and high schools.

Other educational materials on the subject have been collected and published here >>