"Go on and do it!" - FOPH campaign enters a new phase

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Tracing, testing, isolation, quarantine - these measures take centre stage in the new subcampaign of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) to contain the new coronavirus. The campaign is aimed at the general population. With a series of themes, the FOPH intends to motivate young people in particular, breaking new ground in the process: the campaign now extends to forums such as Tinder and gaming platform twitch.tv.

Late summer is drawing to a close, temperatures drop and the number of Covid-19 cases is rising. It is in this context that the FOPH adapts its "Protect yourself and others" campaign again. With its clear message to "go on and do it!", the FOPH reminds the population of the hygiene and distancing rules that can help every person to avoid exposure to the coronavirus. The "TTIQ" strategy - that is, tracing, testing, isolation and quarantine - is at the heart of the message. Along with the call to "go on and do it!" the themes emphasise the importance of self-isolation after a positive test result and of going into quarantine upon return from a high-risk country and while test results are pending. Also, to always leave one’s contact information if required.

As previously, the campaign is aimed at the general population. Specific themes are particularly geared towards young people and intended to motivate them to provide their complete contact information when going out. The ad campaign is set to go live in the form of digital posters, radio spots and classic online ad material, extending to social media, Tinder and gaming platform twitch.tv.

Campaign material is available. The FOPH’s official ad material is available for download and printing here: https://www.bag-coronavirus.ch/downloads/

Federal Office of Public Health

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