Health Care and Management Graduates are Ready to Improve Health

Three out of 18 graduates from the diploma programme in Health Care and Manageme

Three out of 18 graduates from the diploma programme in Health Care and Management (HCM) at their graduation in Basel. (Photo: Melanie Wirz)

The Health Care and Management (HCM) programme looks back on more than a quarter of a century of educating international health professionals. On 27 June 2019, eighteen students from the 26th graduating class of the HCM course celebrated their achievement at Basel City Hall, joining hundreds of alumni across the world who have launched careers in international health.

Over the past 14 weeks, HCM participants have acquired a range of skills and knowledge to work as a member of a health management team, particularly in lowand middle-income settings. Lecturers from different countries fostered an interactive training environment that included group work, laboratory practice and field visits. These practical skills facilitate career advancement as well as personal and professional development.

HCM students profited not only from the experience of the lecturers but also from the diversity of their fellow students. The graduates from 13 different countries on four different continents shared their experience and knowledge in the classroom and on field trips. "That’s the beauty of this programme - it really brings together different skill sets and perspectives in the classroom," said Bernadette Peterhans, Professional Postgraduate Training and course coordinator of the programme at Swiss TPH.

"Returning to Liberia, I will put into practice what was learned. I can proudly say I am analytically and strategically poised to assist in averting the challenges we face as a country and empower other colleagues with new skills learned through a multi-sectorial approach to improving the quality of health," said Tracy Pency, HCM Alumni 2019.