Horizons magazine: research offensive from Asia

"Horizons" has been eavesdropping in China, South Korea and Saudi Arabia to learn how research growth in Asia has become a game changer on the international science scene.

China has become one of the most prolific producers of research articles around the world, second only to the US. South Korea is bringing its industry giants and research institutions closer together to boost its "innovation economy". And Saudi Arabia has just invested 20 billion dollars in a new research centre. Horizons asked correspondents in Asia to investigate how the balance of power is shifting in international research.

Horizons, the research magazine published by the SNSF and the Swiss Academies, will also be presenting the Swiss research projects that got the biggest response in the media and social networks. It questions the rise of these "alternative metrics", which aim to change the way in which the merits of scientific work are assessed.

Other articles in the March issue visualise Switzerland a hundred years from now, meet a biologist who is also a rocker and delve into the world of disaster movies.

Horizons 108, March 2016: Asian research offensive (article and online magazine)

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