Industry meets science

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 New participant record at Industry Day on the Hönggerberg. (Photograph: ETH Zur

New participant record at Industry Day on the Hönggerberg. (Photograph: ETH Zurich / Oliver Bartenschlager)

A record number of visitors attended this year’s Industry Day. Around 550 representatives from industry and business met with scientists for a lively debate on the Hönggerberg. New research findings and networking were the order of the day.

A tried-and-tested concept: industry and business representatives once again met with researchers from ETH Zurich in the fourth edition of Industry Day on 6 September. Every year, growing numbers of participants attend the event to find out about current research projects and exchange ideas with scientists. With some 550 participants, this year’s event outgrew the capacity of the ETH main building and was therefore transferred to the Hönggerberg for the first time.

One of the key topics was ’Food and Nutrition’. In other presentations, visitors also received an insight into research activities in the fields of data science, energy and resources, entrepreneurship, and materials and processes. The short presentations aimed to make industry representatives aware of the ideas and concepts currently under development at ETH Zurich. Posters showcasing numerous ETH projects were also on display, and further details could be discussed in depth during the intentionally long breaks and the closing reception.

‘I’m expecting an exciting insight into pioneering fields of research. And I’m hoping to feel the researchers? passion and drive. I’m attending the event for the first time as part of our closer collaboration with ETH.’

‘I’m looking forward to getting a broad overview of ETH Zurich’s activities through the many short speeches. I’m particularly interested in new technologies and their potential application in products and systems in our markets.’

‘Industry partners come to us with interesting problems, and we approach them with interesting results that came out of curiosity-driven research. So this works both ways and often results in surprising solutions.’

‘Today’s exchanges at Industry Day offer considerable innovation potential, as they unite academic research expertise with industry experience.’

‘Industry Day offers an overview of new technological developments in the academic sphere. The event therefore helps industry to recognise and better evaluate potential key technologies early on.’

‘Economic requirements and industry standards often limit the ability of companies to adopt innovative approaches. Science has far more freedom in this area and can pursue brand new, unusual concepts that may subsequently benefit industry. Likewise, the exchange with industry ensures that science must also deal with market-relevant issues.’