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ETH Industry Day offers countless opportunities for communication between indust

ETH Industry Day offers countless opportunities for communication between industry, research and ETH spin-offs.

ETH Industry Day on 7 September offers exciting insights into applied research, industry partnerships and entrepreneurial activities at ETH Zurich. A unique opportunity to engage with researchers and young entrepreneurs.

ETH Zurich is holding this year’s Industry Day on 7 September 2022. It casts a spotlight on successful industry partnerships, applied research and ETH Zurich spin-offs, and offers industry representatives a unique opportunity to engage with researchers and young entrepreneurs.

Numerous talks and over 80 exhibition booths showcase exciting projects in robotics and machine learning, health and food, processes and electronics, and energy and construction.

You can find more information about the programme and registration here.

Robotics and machine learning

Does your company work with robotics and machine learning? Then Industry Day is perfect for you. Marielle Müller from Appenzeller Bahnen AG, Irina Mahlstein from MeteoSwiss and ETH researcher Michael Sprenger describe how they found a joint solution for forecasting unpredictable storms in narrow valleys.

Other talks:

  • Professor Fisher Yu: Visual learning systems and movement analysis
  • Professor Beatrice Acciaio: Financial and actuarial mathematics
  • Professor Stefano Mintchev: Tracking biodiversity with drones
  • ETH spin-off Visium: AI-based generation of chemical formulae

Health and food

If health and food are on your company’s agenda, don’t miss the talk by Zelko Relic from Align Technology and Barbara Solenthaler from the ETH Computer Graphics Lab. They will explain how Hollywood films and dental braces benefit from the same innovative computer graphics technology.

Other talks:

  • Professor Rafael Polania: Early detection of Alzheimer’s through neuroscientific decision theory
  • Professor Eva-Marie Meemken: Global food systems: novel approaches to certification, monitoring and traceability
  • Tobias Kowatsch: MobileCoach - Fully automated digital health interventions
  • ETH spin-off Oxyle: Using intelligent catalysts to clean wastewater

Processes and electronics

How do you recycle valuable raw materials from demolition concrete and store CO2 at the same time? Find out how, and the industrial applications, in a talk by Dominik Wlodarczak from JURA Materials, Johannes Tiefenthaler from Neustark and ETH professor Marco Mazzotti at this year’s Industry Day.

Other talks:

  • Professor Outi Supponen: Acoustically agitated fluids
  • Professor Shweta Shinde: Trust is good, control is better: basics of secure software
  • Professor Hua Wang: Integrated circuits for applications in communication, sensors, and bioelectronic
  • ETH spin-off Biosimo Chemicals: Sustainable chemicals for a green future

Energy and construction

How do you monitor hundreds of wind turbines around the world in real time? If your company works in the energy or construction sector, you’ll be interested in how ETH professor Eleni Chatzi worked with Christos Lataniotis from cloud software provider Adranis to solve this problem.

Other talks:

  • Professor Catherine De Wolf: How digital innovation can help circular construction
  • Tom Kober: Decarbonising Swiss industry
  • Professor Arno Schlüter: Zero-carbon buildings
  • ETH spin-off DuraMon: Structural health corrosion monitoring

ETH Industry Day 2022

When: 7 September 2022, 12.00 noon - 7.00 p.m.

Where: ETH Zurich Campus Hönggerberg, Joseph-von-Deschwanden-Platz 1, 8093 Zurich

Register external page here for free.

Programme and presenters

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