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Innovation - Health - 09.01.2023

Innovation - Materials Science - 06.01.2023

Materials Science - Innovation - 03.01.2023
'Keeping an eye on processes'
’Keeping an eye on processes’
Pierangelo Gröning, President of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center (AM-TTC) Alliance and Empa's Research Commission and member of Empa's Directorate, explains the research institute's role in AM research. What does the buzzword Advanced Manufacturing actually mean? What is so new about it? Today, modern materials science involves more than just the development of materials.

Physics - Innovation - 30.12.2022
Further optimising car brakes
Further optimising car brakes
Researchers at PSI have joined forces with employees of the technology transfer centre ANAXAM and the industrial partner Audi Sport to shed light on a potential sticking point: they have used neutrons to examine a brake calliper in action and reveal ways of optimising it. Human lives depend on brakes.

Health - Innovation - 22.12.2022
R. Geigy Award 2022 Goes to Three Researchers for Work on Malaria and Tuberculosis Control in Africa
Researchers Lorenz Hofer and Mgeni Tambwe are trying to stop malaria transmission in Tanzania. Astrid Knoblauch is distributing drugs to combat tuberculosis with the help of drones in Madagascar.

Innovation - Materials Science - 22.12.2022

Environment - Innovation - 19.12.2022
Ecology as the guiding discipline of the future
A nature-based economy that regenerates ecosystems and stops species extinction? Christoph Küffer believes this is possible if we strengthen ecology in research and education and make ecological expertise a basic skill for society.

Innovation - Microtechnics - 14.12.2022

Architecture - Innovation - 13.12.2022
'Google Earth on steroids' gives a boost to urban development
’Google Earth on steroids’ gives a boost to urban development
Uzufly's technology uses aerial imaging to generate 3D models of cities and regions with advanced precision, enabling urban planners to incorporate full-scale designs of all types of architectural and urban structures.

Physics - Innovation - 08.12.2022
New materials for the computer of the future
New materials for the computer of the future
Novel materials could revolutionise computer technology. Research conducted by scientists at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI using the Swiss Light Source SLS has reached an important milestone along this path. Microchips are made from silicon and work on the physical principle of a semiconductor. Nothing has changed here since the first transistor was invented in 1947 in the Bell Labs in America.

Innovation - Politics - 30.11.2022
Sergio Mattarella al Politecnico
Sergio Mattarella al Politecnico
As part of a two-day state visit to Switzerland, the Italian President stopped off at ETH Zurich today in the company of President of the Swiss Confederation Ignazio Cassis.

Physics - Innovation - 30.11.2022

Innovation - 28.11.2022
Digital Transformation and Organisational Identity Construction
To examine how digital transformation challenges organisational identity construction: it is the goal of the project "New Ways of Making Sense of Who We Are: How Digital Transformation Challenges Org

Innovation - Economics / Business - 21.11.2022
Search excavator, offer forklift
Search excavator, offer forklift
Construction machinery is expensive. For many companies, it is hardly worthwhile to purchase every piece of equipment anew.

Physics - Innovation - 21.11.2022
The Nuclear Reality is Unsettling
Stephen Herzog is researching how nuclear weapons could be better controlled and eventually eliminated. For him, Putin's threats are a reason to fundamentally question the nuclear "balance of terror." "I research nuclear arms control." For years, this line produced blank stares in social settings as I tried to explain my job's importance.

Materials Science - Innovation - 16.11.2022
Batteries: The game changer of the energy transition
Batteries: The game changer of the energy transition
Although they are indispensable nowadays, there is still a lack of knowledge and skepticism about batteries.

Agronomy / Food Science - Innovation - 10.11.2022

Materials Science - Innovation - 10.11.2022
Water-activated paper battery among the world's best inventions
Water-activated paper battery among the world’s best inventions
Every year, TIME publishes a list of the most important inventions of the year.

Innovation - Microtechnics - 31.10.2022

Environment - Innovation - 19.10.2022
Always following the sun
Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees requires the energy system to be restructured as quickly as possible.

Health - Innovation - 17.10.2022

Agronomy / Food Science - Innovation - 14.10.2022

Innovation - Health - 12.10.2022

Politics - Innovation - 12.10.2022
Digital political participation in the Swiss cantons: The midfield is catching up
The DigiPart Index records the extent to which it is possible to participate digitally in political processes in Switzerland's cantons on a scale of 0 to 100.

Environment - Innovation - 11.10.2022
Switzerland-Korea exchange students test solutions for seniors
Switzerland-Korea exchange students test solutions for seniors
The recently completed first edition of the KimCheese program challenged students from Switzerland and Korea to design solutions to everyday obstacles faced by senior citizens in both countries. The KimCheese program is led by College of Humanities (CDH) lecturer Marc Laperrouza, who also initiated the China Hardware Innovation Camp ( CHIC ) and the India Switzerland Social Innovation Camp ( INSSINC ).

Pedagogy - Innovation - 06.10.2022
University teaching under Covid: the old hands and the evaders
How did teaching staff cope with the sudden switch to online teaching during the coronavirus pandemic? Researchers from the University of Basel investigated this in collaboration with Eucor - The European Campus.

Career - Innovation - 05.10.2022
Constructive approach to error-making boosts innovation
This year's Swiss HR Barometer focuses on working conditions that promote innovative behaviours amongst employees. Approaching errors in an open manner, a practice prevalent in Switzerland, has a positive effect on innovative behaviour as well as attitudes to work. Scope for improvement is found in areas such as support for new ideas, personnel development and compensation.

Innovation - 28.09.2022
A new advanced manufacturing center opens up in Neuchâtel
A new advanced manufacturing center opens up in Neuchâtel
The manufacturing industry is going through a period of profound change, driven in part by the advent of 3D printing and other advanced technologies. In order to support Swiss industry at this critical juncture, EPFL and CSEM have joined forces to create the Micromanufacturing Science & Engineering Center (M2C), a new focal point for pure research, technology transfer and everything in between.

Psychology - Innovation - 28.09.2022
Flexible leadership for the Swiss Armed Forces
Flexible leadership for the Swiss Armed Forces
Cognitive flexibility improves leadership, according to numerous studies conducted by researchers. The Swiss Armed Forces are planning to employ this knowledge in the training of officers to better prepare them for future crises.

Innovation - Pedagogy - 26.09.2022
Smartphones, teenagers, and parents
The title of the encounter organised by L'ideatorio, USI's service for promoting scientific culture, and the USI Institute of Public Health was "Smartphones and Teenagers.

Environment - Innovation - 20.09.2022
Powering ahead!
Powering ahead!
Five ETH spin-offs are displaying the kind of innovative thinking that will determine the success of the energy transition.

Computer Science - Innovation - 14.09.2022

Agronomy / Food Science - Innovation - 07.09.2022
Optimized food technologies for nutrition and sustainability
Optimized food technologies for nutrition and sustainability
ETH Zurich is stepping up research and teaching in the field of food technology and nutrition. It is supported in this by the companies Givaudan, Bühler and Nestlé with initial funding of 5 million Swiss francs over six years. This funding includes the creation of a new professorship. Raw foodstuffs are made suitable for consumption or storage through traditional methods such as cooking, drying and fermentation, or modern methods such as pasteurisation, pressure treatment or the use of enzymes.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 06.09.2022

Chemistry - Innovation - 30.08.2022
Synthesis at the touch of a button
Synthesis at the touch of a button
In many chemical laboratories, routine chemical syntheses are performed on a daily basis, which takes up a lot of time.
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