Interdisciplinarity as the key to success

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To finish off the special podcast series #COVID-19, Detlef Günther,  Vice President for Research, talks about the lessons he draws for ETH’s research from the current situation.

The coronavirus pandemic forced ETH Zurich to suspend almost all its experimental research in mid-March. This was a major challenge, especially for Detlef Günther, Vice President for Research. "But now I see a little more light at the end of the tunnel," he says in the podcast. After all, experimental research is now being stepped up again, albeit with restrictions, as the strict rules on physical distancing and hygiene still apply. Full occupancy is therefore not possible in many laboratories. Despite the adverse circumstances, Günther also sees some positive consequences of the pandemic: it has brought together many disciplines that were previously not connected with each other. His hope is "If we preserve just 20 percent of this mentality, we will definitely bring ETH much further forward in solving future challenges".

ETH Podcast #COVID-19

The podcast episode with Detlef Günther concludes the ten-part #COVID-19 special series. Of course, the coronavirus will keep the world busy for some time yet and the topic will certainly play a role in upcoming podcast episodes. However, it’s also time for the ETH Podcast to find its way back to a normality where different topics have their place and are explored again in more detail.

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