Israel-Hamas War: Position of the University fo Geneva

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The scientific committee tasked with studying the role of universities in public debate has submitted its proposals to the rectorate at the end of last week, leading to a position adopted by the institution yesterday.

The University of Geneva expresses its solidarity with the academic community of Gaza, the civilian victims of the conflict, as well as the hostages and their relatives. It condemns the destruction of educational and academic infrastructures and is concerned about the impact of the war on education and research.

The University of Geneva supports the calls of international humanitarian organisations for the release of hostages and for a ceasefire, and urges all parties to respect international humanitarian law. It will strengthen its programs to support students and researchers from universities in Gaza and ensure transparency in its international partnerships and collaboration agreements.

Our institution thus reaffirms its values, its commitment to conflict resolution, and its willingness to open a space for dialogue where divergent opinions can be expressed forcefully and vehemently, in respect of others and the rules of our community. This is the framework set by our Code of ethics and professional conduct , which guarantees our academic freedom.