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Environment - Law - 11.01.2023
Taking Climate to Court
Over a dozen climate-related lawsuits are pending at the European Court of Human Rights, putting legal processes at the institution to the test.

Law - 28.11.2022
Social media and misinformation
Social media, and digital technologies, have changed our access to information by challenging social and legal norms and rules born in a media context different from today's.

Social Sciences - Law - 11.04.2022
Companies, accountability, corruption. Understanding things to change them
The popular initiative "For Responsible Businesses - Protecting Humans and the Environment" was filed in Switzerland in 2016.

Law - 17.05.2021
SGDs and USI. Peace, justice and strong institutions
SGDs and USI. Peace, justice and strong institutions
The year is 2017. Riding the wave of the viral hashtag, #MeToo, the entire Western society questions its actual ability to guarantee women fundamental rights and social justice.

Administration - Law - 22.03.2021

Criminology / Forensics - Law - 14.12.2020
Can we "repair" criminal justice?
Passing a law, committing a crime, inflicting a sanction. These are the main the stages of criminal justice at the heart of modern legal systems.

Environment - Law - 25.09.2020
Yes, we’re worried
Climate activists were sentenced yesterday in the second instance. Sonia Seneviratne explains why climate researchers got involved in this trial and expressed their views in a public statement.

Administration - Law - 30.03.2020
Privatisation of the regulatory function, or the dark side of the digital revolution
In recent decades, overwhelmed by the fast-paced and unpredictable changes in technology, the challenges of digital transformation, and the overall shift towards a globalised economy, disoriented national legislators have left much scope for self-regulation, especially in the field of digital law.

Environment - Law - 05.12.2019
Switzerland’s influence on European energy policy continues to decline
What would be the consequences of failed negotiations over an electricity agreement between Switzerland and the EU?

Law - Computer Science - 28.09.2017
Big data conquers legal analysis
Big data conquers legal analysis
Researchers supported by the SNSF have set up a free and accessible integrated database of legal cases involving international economic law. Their work represents an important milestone for research and practice. The number of legal agreements and disputes is increasing rapidly. Analysing them using conventional scientific methods has become all but impossible, and legal academia is now turning to big data for answers.

Law - 03.02.2016
February 28 vote: Lawprofessors of Swiss universities are concerned
The popular initiative "Enforce the expulsion of foreign criminals", also known as the enforcement initiative, has led the academic legal profession in Switzerland to issue a joint statement ahead of the vote on 28 February.

Law - Environment - 29.07.2015
Increased Transparency in Investor-State Dispute Settlement
Increased Transparency in Investor-State Dispute Settlement
What are the impacts of transparency rules for treaty-based investor-State arbitration? Dimitrij Euler, a PhD student in public international law, co-edited a commentary on the new UNCITRAL Rules of Transparency.

Law - 28.02.2012
Dr Joël Jaffrain's PhD public defense on 17 February 17, 2012
Dr Joël Jaffrain's PhD public defense on 17 February 17, 2012
Professor A. Berne, thesis director, and the whole LTE team, congratulate J. Jaffrain for his thesis on "Experimental quantification of the variability of the raindrop size distribution at small scales".

Law - Computer Science - 09.03.2010
15 Moore’s years. 3D chip stacking will take Moore’s Law past 2020
Zurich, Switzerland, 9 March 2010 —Some laws are made to be broken, and others are made to be followed.

Career - Law - 28.01.2010
Modelle der Corporate Governance als Vorbild
Zurich - University of Zurich Viele Musikhochschulen haben für Berufungsverfahren keine Reglemente.