Young researchers from Liechtenstein at the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

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Carole Marxer
Carole Marxer

The prestigious 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, dedicated to the theme of Medicine/Physiology, took place from June 25-30, 2023. With a record-breaking number of participants from 89 countries, this year’s meeting was an exceptional platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration and inspiration.

The country of Liechtenstein was represented at this year’s Nobel Laureate Meeting by Dr. Carole Marxer, a young scientist conducting research in clinical pharmacy and epidemology at the University of Basel. Carole Marxer had the opportunity to interact with about 40 Nobel Laureates and about 600 young scientists. "It is really a great honor to be able to participate in this meeting. I very much appreciated the chance to learn from the greatest minds in medicine and physiology and to contribute to the continuous pursuit of scientific excellence," said Carole Marxer.

At the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, in addition to seeking strategies to overcome existing barriers and promote inclusivity at all levels of scientific work, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its interface with medicine was a major topic of discussion. Given the rapid advances in AI technologies, young researchers and Nobel laureates addressed the potential applications of AI in healthcare, including precision medicine, disease diagnosis, and drug development. They discussed the ethical aspects of implementing AI and emphasized the need for responsible development and application to ensure patient privacy, data security, and unbiased decision making. "I am very grateful that the country of Liechtenstein allowed me to participate in this prestigious meeting. The meeting inspired me in many aspects and I am convinced that this will have a positive impact on my future research," Carole Marxer emphasized.

Liechtenstein has participated in these international conferences since 2008. Through an endowment from the country and grants from private companies and foundations in Liechtenstein, talented Liechtenstein students, doctoral candidates, and post-doctoral fellows are able to participate in these high-profile conferences. The nomination and admission to attend the conferences is a special honor for Liechtenstein’s participants and recognizes their study and/or research achievements. This further strengthens Liechtenstein as a scientific location and makes it internationally visible. The University of Liechtenstein is the academic partner of the conferences.