Locarno Film Festival, the contributions of the USI Chair for the future of cinema

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©Locarno Film Festival / Ti-press
©Locarno Film Festival / Ti-press

The 75th edition of the Locarno Film Festival will open on 3 August and will be an opportunity to discover the first results of the collaboration between the Festival and Universitą della Svizzera italiana: Kevin B. Lee, Locarno Film Festival Professor for the Future of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts, will present the first results of the research work in the form of a. In addition, the Festival will host a 24-hour conference on the theme of attention, curated by USI researcher Rafael Dernbach.

The talk, "The Future of Attention", will also be broadcast live on Twitch and will explore the ways in which attention works today and in which it could work in the future, giving space to the role that cinema could play on this front. Every hour, a new speaker will join the conversation and stay for as long as they like, while the audience can choose to participate live or online via live streaming.

Also, one year after the appointment of Kevin B. Lee to the joint chair created by the Festival and the Universitą della Svizzera italiana to promote research in the field of film festivals and new forms of audiovisual enjoyment, will be presented the results achieved so far in accordance with the festival’s goal of renewing itself to meet the needs of tomorrow’s audience. The activities carried out will be told through - a particular form of audiovisual storytelling developed by Lee - and produced by students. see the Locarno Film Festival website.