Macomics and IOR announce Macrophage Scientific Collaboration in Prostate Cancer Drug Development

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Macomics Ltd, a leader in macrophage drug discovery, announces that it has entered a scientific collaboration with Prof. Andrea Alimonti at IOR (Institute of Oncology Research), one of Switzerland’s leading research institutes. IOR is focused on the study of cancer formation and development at the molecular level. Prof. Alimonti’s laboratory is pioneering studies on prostate cancer. The collaboration will see Macomics work with Dr Bianca Calì in Prof. Alimonti’s lab to synergize this deep knowledge, particularly in the use of novel in vivo mouse models, with Macomics’ macrophage expertise. The goal is to explore new modes of action for macrophage-targeted therapies.

Macomics is exploiting the potential of macrophage-targeted approaches to develop first-in-class medicines to address disease of high unmet medical need. The company’s ENIGMAC(TM) macrophage drug discovery platform allows access to previously hidden or inaccessible disease specific macrophage targets: It integrates large volume human data sets, next generation human macrophage cell models, and proprietary macrophage gene editing capability to discover novel targets, unlock new disease biology, and de-risk clinical translation. Under the collaboration, the parties will explore together the potential for the use of novel in vivo prostate cancer models developed by the Alimonti lab in the characterisation of macrophage targeted therapies, including testing of novel drug candidates with new modes of action discovered by Macomics in its complex human assay systems.

Dr Luca Cassetta , VP Immunology and Founder of Macomics said, "We are delighted to collaborate with Prof. Alimonti as he is a prostate cancer expert. This collaboration will allow us to optimise the design of our therapies by accessing novel prostate cancer mouse models in which myeloid cells play a fundamental role for tumor progression."  Prof. Andrea Alimonti , IOR director, said, " This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity to combine our pioneering research in prostate cancer with Macomics’ expertise in macrophage-targeted therapies. By leveraging our deep understanding of molecular mechanisms in cancer development and utilizing our preclinical models, we aim to uncover innovative approaches for combating advanced prostate cancer, a disease for which a definitive cure remains an unmet clinical challenge". Dr Stephen Myatt, CEO of Macomics said, "This collaboration enhances further our ability to explore and exploit macrophage biology for the development of novel therapeutic approaches. Macrophages @are key to multiple diseases of high unmet medical need, including as key mediators of solid tumour immunosuppression and pathological inflammation in chronic inflammatory disorders."

About Macomics -

Macomics Ltd is a macrophage drug discovery company with a world-leading macrophage drug discovery platform, developing first-in-class medicines to deliver transformational impact for patients with macrophage-driven diseases: Macrophages are key to multiple diseases of high unmet medical need, including as key mediators of solid tumour immunosuppression and pathological inflammation in chronic inflammatory disorders. The company is progressing a diversified portfolio of therapies targeting disease specific macrophages towards the clinic. Its ENIGMAC macrophage drug discovery platform enables identification and validation of novel macrophage therapeutic targets and provides a translationally relevant path to clinic through the development of more physiologically relevant human macrophage models combined with proprietary gene editing technology. The company was co-founded in 2020 by Prof. Jeffrey Pollard and Luca Cassetta, University of Edinburgh, internationally recognised leaders in macrophage biology.  It has R&D and office facilities in Edinburgh and Cambridge, UK. The company’s financing was led by Epidarex Capital, and the company is backed by Scottish Enterprise, LifeLink Ventures and Caribou Property Limited.

About IOR -

The Institute of Oncology Research (IOR) is a not-for-profit research institute located in Bellinzona (Switzerland) affiliated with the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) and directed by Prof. Andrea Alimonti. Established in 2003, the IOR research spans from basic research to translational and clinical research on various aspects of cancer biology, diagnosis and therapy. With eight active research groups, the IOR hosts researchers from all’over the world performing basic and translational research in oncology, with a special focus on cancer biology, genomics, molecular oncology, and experimental therapeutics. With approximately 100 researchers (data updated in 2023), the IOR operates two main research programs: the "Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapeutics Research Program," focusing on solid tumors, and the "Lymphoma and Genomics Research Program," addressing hematological neoplasias and lymphomas. Researchers at the IOR employ an interdisciplinary approach, integrating biological, genomics, and molecular methods with preclinical and translational studies. The Institute emphasizes collaboration and interaction among teams and programs to achieve common goals, such as understanding cancer mechanisms and developing new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.