New project: Synapsuit

Translating arm and hand movement intentions into action

The Wyss Center team, together with local and international partners, are developing high-performance AI-algorithms to decode complex brain signals collected with a new type of soft and flexible electrodes, developed by Neurosoft Bioelectronics , to control a lightweight soft wearable exosuit, developed by KETI , to support arms and hands movements in real time.

Synapsuit is a collaborative project designed to develop groundbreaking neural bridging technologies for patients with spinal cord injuries and stroke to regain control of their arms and hands while accelerating neuro-rehabilitation methods. Simply said, the team is developing technology to move people’s hand and arms as they intend.

This initiative is a collaborative project supported by Innosuisse and KIAT grants and benefits from the resources and leadership of the Lighthouse Partnership for AI-guided neuromodulation. Partners involved in this project are Korea Electronics Technology Institute , Neurosoft Bioelectronics , Jang Eun FnC , Professors Grégoire Courtine and Jocelyne Bloch of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV).