Nominations of EPFL professors

 2018 EPFL

2018 EPFL

The Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has announced the appointment of five professors at EPFL.

Yimon Aye was named as Associate Professor of Chemistryin the School of Basic Sciences (SB)
Yimon Aye’s research focuses on electrophilic signals and the control of genome replication. Understanding the electrophilic signaling mechanisms that affect proteins function allows the modulation of various biological processes, including cell ageing, cell decay, immune reactions and the protection of genetic material. Thanks to her innovative research programs in the fields of organic chemistry, biological chemistry and life sciences, Yimon Aye’s laboratory at EPFL will play a global leading role in biological chemistry.

Andreas Burg was named
as Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Electronicsin the School of Engineering (STI)
Andreas Burg conducts research on communication systems and develops secure microelectronic circuits to process digital signals using CMOS technology at the nano level. He is gaining considerable international recognition for the efficient implementation of algorithms for wireless communication and for new approaches which reduce costs and energy usage in circuits. With his innovative and interdisciplinary research, Andreas Burg is strengthening the field of electronics at EPFL as well as invigorating its teaching through his commitment and energy.

Giovanni D’Angelo was named
as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Life Sciences in the School of Life Sciences (SV)
Giovanni D’Angelo is an expert in lipids, which play a key role in metabolism. His work on how proteins shuttle lipids from one membrane to another has had a major impact in this research domain. One of his research focuses lies in the investigation of glycosphingolipids; he uncovered how a cell is able to maintain compartments with different lipid composition. Through appointing Giovanni D’Angelo, EPFL is strengthening its position in metabolism lipid research, an area which is growing in importance because of its relation to health risks.

Philip Moll was named as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Materials Science
in the School of Engineering (STI)
Philip Moll’s research covers new inorganic materials and their potential applications. His main focus is on understanding new electronic phenomena of quantum materials on the metric scale. At EPFL, the SNSF professor will work on developing analysis techniques which will combine the discovery of new materials with their synthesis. Philip Moll, who was awarded an ERC Starting Grant in 2016, is giving the Institute of Materials new impetus and strengthening its position both in research and teaching.

Vivek Subramanian was named
as Full Professor of Microtechnology in the School of Engineering (STI)
Vivek Subramanian conducts research into the science and technology of additive manufacturing processes for the production of broadband electronics. He is also interested in microfabrication, where combining conventional microelectronics and advanced electromechanical systems has enabled him to develop new concepts that will significantly boost performance and efficiency in manufacturing. Vivek Subramanian’s international expertise and wide experience will strengthen and drive forward the EPFL’s activities in the field of microfabrication.