Nominations of EPFL professors

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© 2020 EPFL

The Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has announced the appointment of 7 professors at EPFL.

Dr Josie Hugheswas named as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineeringin theSchool of Engineering (STI)
Josie Hughes conducts research into the design of intelligent data-driven systems, with a main emphasis on robotics. The "intelligence" of her robots is based on their mechanical structure, instead of the individual parts being controlled externally. A researcher known for her unique creativity, she has developed a mechanical hand mounted on a robot’s arm which can play simple musical pieces on a piano. Josie Hughes will contribute actively to the future of research and teaching in mechanical engineering at EPFL.

Dr Sanidhya Kashyapwas named as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Communication Systems in the School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC)
Sanidhya Kashyap works on operating systems, one of the major areas of computer science. He has achieved important advances through his research, with particular regard to efficiency, reliability, security and large data volumes. His results have even been applied by major companies such as Amazon and Google. At EPFL, Sanidhya Kashyap will not only respond to current needs but also play a pioneering role in future developments.

Professor Florent Krzakalawas named as Full Professor of Electrical Engineering and of Physics, 50% in theSchool of Engineering (STI) and 50% in the School of Basic Sciences (SB)
Florent Krzakala has employed his interdisciplinary approach to establish new areas of research at the intersection of mathematics, physics and computer science. He is a pioneer in the field of statistical physics applied to machine learning and to signal processing. In addition to establishing a research programme in these areas, this internationally acclaimed researcher brings an extensive network of contacts that will benefit EPFL.

Professor Jürg Schiffmannwas named as Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering in theSchool Engineering (STI)
Jürg Schiffmann’s main areas of interest are the aerodynamics of small-scale compressors and turbines, gas-lubricated bearings, and automated design and optimization methodologies. His research is particularly noted for its applications, having collaborated closely with partners from industry throughout his career. Over the medium to long term, Jürg Schiffmann plans for his research to contribute to reducing primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the context of the energy transition at the domestic level.

Dr Lenka Zdeborováwas named as Associate Professor of Physics and of Computer Science and Communication Systems 75% in the School of Basic Sciences and 25% in the School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC)
Lenka Zdeborová is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of statistical physics who has won multiple awards, including an ERC Starting Grant in 2016. Her unparalleled expertise will make a significant contribution to the creation of new synergies with other research areas at EPFL, such as mathematics, materials science and information science, as well as with industry - and notably among leading IT companies.

Dr Sandro Carrarawas named as Adjunct Professor at EPFL in theSchool of Engineering (STI)  
Sandro Carrara’s work has a focus on developing devices for diagnostics, medical treatment and prevention. An internationally-known researcher, who has been awarded numerous prizes, he is also a pioneer in the field of memristors for biosensing applications.

Dr Gerardo Turcattiwas nammed as Adjunct Professor at EPFL in the School of Life Sciences (SV)
In 2005 Gerardo Turcatti set up a technology platform at EPFL for biomolecular high-throughput screening (the Biomolecular Screening Facility, or BSF), which has served as the starting point for numerous research projects. Through his own R&D programmes the platform has been cutting edge in this field.