Read&Publish agreements with BMJ and Taylor&Francis

Two new publishing agreements have come into effect with the scientific publishers British medical journal BMJ (in the biomedical field) and Taylor & Francis T&F (multidisciplinary). The agreement with BMJ is in effect for the first time, while the one with T&F ends a period of "no-deal" due to the non-renewal of the previous agreement.

These agreements are implemented by the USI Libraries; they combine reading access to the publishers’ periodicals with the possibility of publishing for free in Open Access, minimizing cost increases. These are other important pieces added to the realization of the Swiss National Open Access Strategy.

USI researchers can now publish articles for free in the following periodicals:

T&F : publication in Gold and Hybrid Open Access journals, including Dove Press (Gold OA) and the F1000 Research platform (Gold OA). Complete list

Free Open Access publication is possible provided that a researcher is under contract with USI and simultaneously acts as the corresponding author of the article.
During the publication procedure, the researcher’s affiliation to USI must also be correctly indicated to the publisher. We recommend using the institutional email address for article submission.

Both agreements provide coverage for an annual quota of articles at the Swiss level in 2024 (12 articles for BMJ, 702 for T&F). Once this quota is exhausted, the agreement is suspended for the remainder of the year.

We take this opportunity to remind you that USI, in addition to concluding agreements with individual publishers, financially supports the publication of Gold OA articles by its researchers, where they are not already funded within an FNS project. The USI Libraries are available to provide further information on "Read & Publish" agreements, as well as on OA publication in general.

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