Rediscovering the St Gotthard Pass

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The digital model developed by researchers makes the Gotthard tangible and visibThe digital model developed by researchers makes the Gotthard tangible and visible in a unique way.

As part of the Swiss Digital Days, an exhibition at ETH Zurich visualises the St Gotthard Pass as an animated digital landscape model for the first time. This allows visitors to experience the legendary massif and its transport infrastructure from a completely new perspective.

For the sixth time, ETH Zurich is involved as a partner of the Swiss Digital Days. From 20 September 2022 onwards, it will present five projects that illustrate different aspects of the digital transformation.

A digital journey through the St Gotthard Pass

The legendary massif like you’ve never seen it before: an exhibition at ETH Zurich visualises the St. Gotthard Pass in the form of an animated digital landscape model. A big screen and VR goggles allow visitors to experience the landscape, as well as the road and railway infrastructure that characterises the region, from a bird’s eye view and from underground.

The exhibition’s content has been developed over the course of a decade by Professor Christophe Girot, ETH Chair of Landscape Architecture. Laser scans were used to create the digital model by taking measurements of the Alpine region and photographing it at the same time.

Preview and round table: 20 September 2022, 6 p.m. The Gotthard as an infrastructure landscape

Closing event: 29 September 2022, 6 p.m. The cultural heritage of the Gotthard landscape

The world of chemistry at the turn of the 20th century

What did a chemistry lab at ETH Zurich look like around 1900? Now, visitors can find out for themselves in a virtual tour of the laboratory hall, which has been preserved to this day. Audio commentary and info points provide fascinating information on the building’s history and architecture, as well as on teaching and research at that time and how the room is used today.

In the world of 3D data

A multimedia exhibition from the Mobiliar Lab for Analytics at ETH Zurich demonstrates the possibilities of modern data visualisation. Using augmented reality glasses, visitors can immerse themselves in holographic worlds where their surroundings become a canvas for data. The makes it easy for all visitors to interpret complex information - whether they are experts or members of the general public.

Enjoy a coffee with Einstein

ETH Zurich has brought its most famous alumnus to life in digital form, enabling visitors to talk to the Nobel laureate and learn more about his time in Zurich and Bern. The digital figure of Einstein, with its ability to see, hear and interact with the person in front of it, is driven by a complex algorithmic system developed by the company Animatico.

Morph Tales: the game for future AI champions

Developed by researchers, the game "Morph Tales" aims to provide young people with a playful introduction to the topic of artificial intelligence. It not only focuses on imparting knowledge and motivating them to study a STEM discipline, but also addresses ethical issues. The game is played with an iPad and uses augmented reality (AR) to combine the real world with the virtual game world in a novel gaming experience.