Remote work now mandatory for all EPFL collaborators

No one is allowed on the EPFL campus without a special exception granted by the DSPS. President Martin Vetterli calls for responsibility and solidarity. 

EPFL now requires all staff to work remotely  until further notice. No one is allowed on site, apart from those who have been granted an exception by the DSPS. This measure is fully justified by the very fast spread of COVID-19 in Switzerland - the number of cases is doubling every two days.

What’s more, since schools are closed starting tomorrow in Vaud and in the cantons that host our other sites - Campus Biotech, Microcity, EPFL Valais-Wallis and EPFL Fribourg - EPFL considers it an absolute priority that you be able to take care of your children and other loved ones. Professional priorities must therefore be reassessed, and you should talk to your head of service about the amount of work you can do remotely based on your personal situation. EPFL will be flexible.

Our president, Martin Vetterli, is counting on our sense of responsibility and our solidarity: "Right now, we all have a crucial role to play in saving lives  and giving our health system a chance to handle this emergency situation. We mustn’t hesitate for an instant: stay home!"

We will continue to keep you fully up to date on the changing situation and on the steps to take to ensure the School can continue to operate during this extraordinary period.

Your cooperation is essential and highly appreciated.

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