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Research Management - Campus - 27.09.2023

Materials Science - Research Management - 13.09.2023

Life Sciences - Research Management - 07.09.2023
Marcel Benoist 2023 Prize for plant communication
Marcel Benoist 2023 Prize for plant communication
The Marcel Benoist Foundation awards the Prix Marcel Benoist 2023 to Ted Turlings of the University of Neuchâtel "for his outstanding contributions in the fields of chemical ecology and plant-insect interactions".

Chemistry - Research Management - 08.08.2023
Until the chemistry is just right
Until the chemistry is just right
At Empa, Dorina Opris is researching how to synthesize complex electroactive polymers for robotic components, sensors or batteries - a promising project that the European Research Council (ERC) is currently funding with one of its prestigious ERC Consolidator Grants.

Research Management - 28.07.2023
Horizon Europe and future prospects
One-third of current Swiss scientific publications are joint papers with EU scientists. This implies that Switzerland's non-participation in the EU research programme, Horizon Europe, poses various challenges to the research community, economy, and society.

Physics - Research Management - 14.06.2023

Research Management - Innovation - 02.06.2023

Research Management - 22.05.2023
The state of play on public research funding
Scientific research in advanced economies heavily relies on public funding. Since World War II, governments have invested significant resources in advancing scientific knowledge, developing useful technologies, and enhancing skills.

Research Management - 15.05.2023

Innovation - Research Management - 02.05.2023

Innovation - Research Management - 25.04.2023

Research Management - Campus - 24.04.2023

Research Management - Campus - 22.03.2023

Research Management - Innovation - 16.03.2023

Research Management - Career - 08.02.2023

Research Management - Innovation - 30.01.2023

Research Management - Career - 16.01.2023

Research Management - 19.12.2022
Read&Publish agreement signed between Swiss university libraries and Oxford University Press 
The Swiss university libraries and the publisher Oxford University Press (OUP) have concluded a two-year Read&Publish agreement.

Physics - Research Management - 15.12.2022
3.1 million in funding for new research projects at PSI
3.1 million in funding for new research projects at PSI
Scientists at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI are to receive two prestigious SNSF Starting Grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), amounting to 3.1 million Swiss francs.

Campus - Research Management - 15.12.2022

Physics - Research Management - 15.12.2022

Career - Research Management - 28.11.2022

Research Management - Materials Science - 24.11.2022
Consortium wins funding for project on ORD practices
Consortium wins funding for project on ORD practices
A consortium with researchers from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Empa and ETH Zurich has won funding of almost CHF1.3 million for a three-year project on open and reproducible materials science research.

Research Management - Politics - 24.11.2022
State Secretary Hirayama opens Science Europe High-Level Workshop on Research Ethics and Integrity
On 23 and 24 November, Science Europe, the association of research funding organisations, together with the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation and the Swiss National Science Foundation hosted this year's High-Level Workshop in Zurich.

Research Management - Campus - 15.11.2022

Research Management - Materials Science - 15.11.2022
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