Robot dog on the way to the moon

Focus projects allow mechanical and electrical engineering students to put what they have learned into practice. ETH News accompanied three student teams with a video camera - one of which was the -Raptor- team.

The Raptor focus project was initiated by eight ETH students who wanted to expand the range of applications for gripper arms made of soft materials. Such soft grippers are often used in automated industrial processes and are usually mounted on robotic arms. The students are developing a soft gripper mounted on a drone that can cover large working areas and operate at heights. Their goal is to construct an efficient, universally applicable drone that can pick up objects at unprecedented speed.

Focus projects

In focus projects, bachelor’s students in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering put what they have learned into practice by developing a product independently. After identifying a market-oriented problem, the teams go through the entire product development process under realistic conditions: from marketing, conception, design and engineering to simulation and production. On 31 May 2022, the students will present their projects in a public exhibition. ETH News has accompanied three project teams with a video camera. The two other films will be published in the coming weeks.

Focus Roll-out

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