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Social Sciences - 22.02.2017
'For EU countries, Switzerland is an interesting laboratory'
‘For EU countries, Switzerland is an interesting laboratory’
Vincent Kaufmann, an EPFL researcher, has co-authored an essay on Switzerland's recent referendums on mobility and the free movement of people.

Religions - Social Sciences - 02.02.2017
New Vice-Rector Elected
New Vice-Rector Elected
Media releases, information for representatives of the media Media Relations (E) The State Council of the Canton of Bern has elected a new Vice-Rector to the Executive Board of the University.

Social Sciences - 25.07.2016
Trolls often waive their anonymity online
From politicians and celebrities, companies and organizations to individuals of certain nationalities and the socially disadvantaged, the list of parties affected by hate speech in social media is long.

Health - Social Sciences - 17.05.2016
Novartis Foundation and partners launch innovative hypertension program in Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City Communities for Healthy Hearts Program is the second innovative healthcare model for hypertension pioneered by the Novartis Foundation Screening and treatment shifts to the community

Social Sciences - Innovation - 22.03.2016
Digital tech to enhance social interaction between senior citizens
Digital tech to enhance social interaction between senior citizens
22.03.16 - EPFL+ECAL Lab, Pro Senectute Vaud and the Fondation Leenaards have joined forces in an innovative initiative to use new technologies to enhance social interaction among seniors.

Social Sciences - 19.03.2016

Research Management - Social Sciences - 11.03.2016
What if we let social media rate research?
With citation indexes being routinely questioned, 'alternative metrics' could gain ground as a new indicator of research success. But can they be trusted? By Roland Fischer (From "Horizons" no. 108 March 2016) What were the most successful research publications of 2015? It's a seemingly harmless question, but until recently, no one would have asked it.

Social Sciences - 09.03.2016

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 23.02.2016
"The information about the site is very limited, but we still have the ruins"
"Analysis of historical urban development broadens our perspective on how urban spaces are shaped and deployed.

Social Sciences - Life Sciences - 21.01.2016
Neolithic Megalithic Tomb in Spain Comprehensively Examined for the First Time: a Community in Life and Death
People of the Neolithic age around 6,000 years ago were closely connected both in life and death. This became evident in a detailed archaeological and anthropological of a collective grave containing 50 bodies near Burgos, northern Spain. In the pioneering study, researchers used a whole array of modern methods to examine the way of life in the region at that time.

Social Sciences - 08.01.2016
Risk Taking Across Life Span: The Effects of Hardship
With increasing age, the propensity to take physical, social, legal or financial risks decreases. Researchers from the University of Basel and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin were able to show how factors such as poverty and income equality play a role. Their study based on data from 77 countries has been published in the journal Psychological Science.

Social Sciences - 03.12.2015
EPFL to launch public opinion analysis platform during COP21 in Paris
03.12.15 - EPFL's Social Media Lab (ESML) will take advantage of the COP21 Climate Forum in Paris to test Horizon, its social media-based public opinion tracking tool.

Social Sciences - 29.10.2015
Personal interests pivotal for identification with Europe
What is the decisive factor for identification with Europe? with people from European countries plays a more minor role, as a study conducted by the Institute of Sociology at the University of Zurich reveals.

Social Sciences - 28.10.2015
Congratulations with a hoodie
Congratulations with a hoodie
Bachelor students who passed their first-year examinations were given a special hoodie from ETH Rector Sarah Springman - as congratulations for passing their exams but also to strengthen the students' bond with their university.

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 19.10.2015
Who Travels by Train? Visions for the Future of Mobility on Four Continents
The international research project 'imagineTrains' studies perceptions, ideas, and problems that decision makers and passengers associate with rail as a mode of transport.

Social Sciences - 24.09.2015
Female genital cutting is largely a family matter and not an all-pervasive social norm
A new study by researchers at the University of Zurich challenges the prevailing view that female genital cutting is predominantly a norm based on all families trying to be alike. According to This indicates that heterogeneous motives at the family level play a crucial role when parents decide whether to cut their daughters.

Environment - Social Sciences - 17.09.2015
Novel competitors affect species' responses to climate change
Novel competitors affect species’ responses to climate change
As the climate warms, many plants face an uphill struggle for survival. A new ETH Zurich study indicates that this is particularly true wherever they face increased competition from plants that have migrated to their habitat due to climatic changes. Climate change is proceeding unchecked and average temperatures are rising, forcing many wild animals and plants to move into new habitats.

Social Sciences - 18.08.2015
Massacres, Torture and Mutilation: Extreme Violence in Neolithic Conflicts
Violent conflicts in Neolithic Europe were held more brutally than has been known so far. This emerges from a recent anthropological analysis of the roughly 7000-year-old mass grave of Schöneck-Kilianstädten by researcher of the Universities of Basel and Mainz. The findings, published in the journal PNAS, show that victims were murdered and deliberately mutilated.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 02.06.2014
The new paradox: Mobile but sedentary
The distance people travel for professional purposes is increasing. Scientists are taking a closer look at these 21st century nomads, uncovering the reasons behind the long kilometers and the consequences on commuters' lives.

Social Sciences - Innovation - 24.04.2014

Health - Social Sciences - 04.12.2012
Novartis Foundation symposium discusses psychosocial support to help vulnerable children achieve mental health and wellbeing for a better future in sub-Saharan Africa
Symposium speakers assess psychosocial approaches and discuss various interventions to ensure mental health and wellbeing for Africa's children Experts present findings from REPSSI, the Regional Psyc

Social Sciences - 31.01.2012
Cultural System or norm circles? An exchange
Cultural System or norm circles? An exchange
Cultural System or norm circles? An exchange. This article takes the form of a debate between the two authors - Margaret S. Archer (CDH - Centre for Social Ontology ) and - Dave Elder-Vass (Loughborough University, UK) on the social ontology of propositional culture.

Social Sciences - 01.12.2011
Climate Change on the agenda in San Francisco
Climate Change on the agenda in San Francisco
Melton and Professor Kaplan's work on climate change using a combined biophysical modelling, social science, and community engagement approach will be presented at the December meeting.

Social Sciences - 22.09.2011
A made-to-measure social network for the academic world
A made-to-measure social network for the academic world
The scientists working at EPFL didn't wait for Netvibes to get famous on connecting through a collaborative Web 2.0 platform.

Computer Science - Social Sciences - 18.01.2010
Wissens-Sterne pflücken
Zurich - University of Zurich Wie vermarkte ich bequeme High Heels? Welche Themen sind tabu in der Spitzenmedizin? Wer an manchen Fragen schier verzweifelt, holt sich Rat auf dem Wissensportal «Starmind» – einer Entwicklung des «Artificial Intelligence Lab» der Universität Zürich.

Social Sciences - Event - 06.01.2010
«Ein Universum differenzierter Identitäten»
Zurich - University of Zurich Ob Tatort, Kino oder Comic: Migration ist ein Thema. Eine Tagung an der Universität Zürich widmet sich der Aus- und Einwanderung im Film.

Social Sciences - 23.12.2009
«Manchmal tragen sie mich heim»
Zurich - University of Zurich Die Sozialgeografin Sara Landolt hat das Trinkverhalten Jugendlicher in Zürich analysiert.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 18.12.2009
Vergessene Verwandte
Zurich - University of Zurich Die Soziologien Nina Jakoby untersucht die Bedeutung verwandtschaftlicher Beziehungen über die Kleinfamilie hinaus: Tanten und Onkel, Neffen und Cousinen sind bisher ein vernachlässigtes Forschungsgebiet, obwohl ihre gesellschaftspolitische Bedeutung wächst.

Social Sciences - Event - 09.12.2009
Die heilige Stadt Varanasi ist ein brüllendes Biest
Zurich - University of Zurich Wie sieht es zu Hause bei indischen Familien aus? Wer darf das Baby halten, wenn der Fotograf abdrückt? Fabian Biasio hat in Indien fotografiert.

Religions - Social Sciences - 21.07.2009
Broad consensus in favour of imam training in Switzerland
21.07.2009 / Bern - SNF Should imams and Muslim religious teachers be allowed to train at Swiss universities in future? The majority of Muslims living in Switzerland advocate the idea, as do Swiss authorities, universities and legal experts.

Religions - Social Sciences - 21.07.2009
Wenn der Imam Deutsch spricht
Zurich - University of Zurich Sollen Imame und islamische Religionslehrer künftig in der Schweiz ausgebildet werden können? Ja, sagen viele Muslime und Schweizer Institutionen in einer neuen Studie der Universität Zürich.

Social Sciences - 24.02.2009
Right-wing extremism in Switzerland
24.02.2009 / Bern - SNF Launched in 2003, the National Research Programme "Right-wing extremism " causes and countermeasures" (NRP 40+), has now been completed."One conclusion is that t