Speakers’ Corner -Localisation and intercultural aspects in digital fashion communication

Speakers’ Corner -Localisation and intercultural aspects in digital fashio

Have you ever given up buying a piece of clothing or an accessory on an eCommerce site because their webpage was not active in your language or because you could not purchase the item in Swiss francs? Or because the size did not match the format of your country’s standard? Alice Noris tries to answer these questions in her PhD-project at USI Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication.

The 2nd Speakers’ Corner project was held in 2021 at LAC Lugano during the Swiss Digital Days. In this series of short videos, students talk about the projects they developed for the event. Speakers’ Corner is a project promoted by the City of Lugano and the urban laboratory Lugano Living Lab. USI took part in the event, together with other universities in Southern Switzerland. The initiative stems from the desire to promote concrete projects to raise awareness of digital issues by enhancing the skills in the region.