Swiss TPH Annual Report Is Out Now!

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The Annual Report 2023 highlights our achievements in improving the health of people worldwide, with a particular focus on drug development for poverty-related diseases and looks back at our Open House event, celebrating the 80th anniversary of Swiss TPH.

Last year, more than 950 staff and students from 95 nations worked tirelessly on 385 projects and programmes in 131 countries.

At Swiss TPH, we are driven by our mission to make a meaningful and measurable impact on the health of people in Switzerland and abroad. This report reflects on some of our achievements, with a special focus on the area of drug development for poverty-related diseases. 2023 has seen major milestones in innovation, validation and application of new treatments such as for sleeping sickness, Chagas disease, malaria and parasitic worm infections.

2023 also marked the 80th anniversary of Swiss TPH. To commemorate this milestone, we organised an Open House event. More than 6,000 people joined us for a wide-range of activities immersing themselves in the unique spirit of Swiss TPH.

Thanks to our passionate staff, dedicated students and amazing partners, we have remained true to our mission of improving the health and well-being of people around the globe.

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