Change of scene 2024: symphonies, soundwalks and pig organs

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Musikfestival Szenenwechsel 2022: Aufführung der Live-Soundcollage «Sounds beyon
Musikfestival Szenenwechsel 2022: Aufführung der Live-Soundcollage «Sounds beyond borders». Bild Ingo Höhn / HSLU
The music festival "Szenenwechsel" at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the art festival "All Inclusive Festival" are taking their first steps together under the motto "Co-Operation": The numerous program items of the two festivals can be experienced from 23 to 30 January 2024 at the HSLU locations in Emmenbrücke and Kriens as well as at the KKL Luzern.

This year, music at the "Szenenwechsel" festival can be experienced as the art of "co-operation". This can be seen in proven formats with partner institutions such as the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra and the Jazz Club Lucerne, but also in the first-time collaboration with the "All Inclusive Festival" of the sister department Design Film Art. This festival by students of the Bachelor of Art and Communication also takes place once a year.

Valentin Gloor, Director of the Department of Music and Director of the Szenenwechsel music festival, explains that cooperation across the boundaries of disciplines and departments is intended to promote forms of contact with other art forms. "Mutual inspiration, irritation and broadening of students’ horizons are allowed, indeed encouraged." This has resulted in collaborative student projects that will be performed as interventions at the All Inclusive Festival in Viscosistadt. A soundwalk also connects the two festivals and HSLU locations.

Change of Scene 2024 program:

Interventions inclusive

Musical and performative interventions as part of the All Inclusive Festival of the Department of Design Film Art. Further information will follow at

Soundwalk "ears behind the scenes - a sounding transition"

Visitors to the All Inclusive Festival and the change of scene can listen to a sound work on their smartphone on the way from Viscosistadt to the South Pole.
In the soundwalk, listeners take an acoustic look behind the scenes of performances and exhibitions: They experience everyday and working noises and sounds of students, lecturers and other employees from the fields of design, film, art and music in their respective studios, workshops, rehearsal and concert rooms.
Concept and production: Patricia Jäggi, senior musicology assistant at HSLU

Minimoog meets pig organ

There are myths surrounding the pig organ. According to legend, the instrument was once introduced at the French court to amuse the king. The organ consisted of a large box in which pigs were crammed according to size. The "organist" pulled their tails at the touch of a button to make them squeal. The version used at the change of scene has nothing to do with such cruelty to animals, of course, but alludes to a derogatory term for the Hammond organ. In composer Enno Poppe’s concert, this modern pig organ meets the legendary Minimoog synthesizer from the 1970s.

Remote Now Orchestra

The concert, directed by two HSLU lecturers, Hans-Peter Pfammatter (jazz piano, synths, electronics) and Julian Sartorius (drums), features a nine-piece improvisation orchestra that is remote-controlled in real time.

Tuning in, sliding out

Students of the trombone class play pieces by Gordon Jacob, Saskia Apon, Antonio Lotti and other composers under the direction of lecturers Martin Schippers and Simone Maffioletti. The concert is part of the "Kammermusik Akzente" series.

It don’t mean a thing

In the ’Orchestra in a Nutshell’ series, consisting of the Junge Philharmonie Zentralschweiz and students from the conducting class under the direction of Clemens Heil, pieces by Charles Ives, Astor Piazzolla, André Jolivet and George Gershwin will be performed.

Five cheeky mice make music

Musicians from the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra and students from the Bachelor of Music and Movement are putting on a concert for the whole family. With music by Maurice Ravel, Christoph Willibald Gluck and Jean Françaix.
Direction: Dominique Regli-Lohri (HSLU, concept and direction), Noah Petschi (Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, production management), Carina Thurner (Lucerne Theater, text and performance)

HSLU Big Band feat. Matthew Herbert

In this year’s co-production with the Jazz Club Lucerne, the HSLU Big Band performs with the English star musician and producer Herbert Matthew. Prices: CHF 35 to CHF 60. Ticket sales: KKL Luzern, T +41 41 226 77 77,


Lionel Bringuier conducts the traditional cooperation concert of the Young Philharmonic Orchestra of Central Switzerland and the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra. Pieces by Claude Debussy, Paul Dukas and Igor Stravinsky will be performed. Prices: CHF 30 to CHF 85. Ticket sales: KKL Luzern, T +41 41 226 77 77,