The All-In-One outdoor sleep system for

The All-In-One outdoor sleep system for

As of today the All-In-One sleep system developed by the «Polarmond» start-up company is ready for delivery. Thanks to its special humidity management feature and sophisticated temperature regulation, conditions in the «Magic Tent» are always pleasant. Adventurers and nature lovers can enjoy sleeping as comfortably as at home, even if the outside temperature is down to -30°!

The patented sleep system combines the conventional functions of a sleeping bag, vapour barrier liner, sleeping pad and tent into one product. The spacious sleeping room is heated solely by the occupant’s own body warmth, a feature which results from the use a high-tech insulation layer developed jointly by Empa and Polarmond, and made of a fluffy synthetic filling with reflecting layers. Other problems which had to be overcome during the development process included ensuring that moisture was transferred to the outside the sleeping zone whilst at the same time keeping the insulating layer dry. This is only possible thanks to the design of the sleeping room, which is fitted with an all-round integrated humidity barrier.

Evelyne Binsack, the first women Swiss woman to conquer Mount Everest has, after an expedition lasting 484 days and covering over 26,200 km, reached the South Pole. Next year she will begin a journey to the North Pole as part of her 90° North / 100% Commitment Project. To date only a handful of adventurers have achieved these three extreme goals solely using their own muscle power. The extreme mountaineer, mountain guide, adventurer, author and lecturer is an enthusiastic user of Polarmond products. The company also works together with both the Snow Kite world champion, Michael Kaspar and the runner-up too, Jonas Lengwiler. The latter, together with team colleague Roger Knechtle, will embark on the first ever Kite expedition in Norway. Beginning next February, it will be of five weeks’ duration and cover 2000 km. Both adventurers will be equipped with the Polarmond sleep system.

The Polarmond start-up was founded in December 2011 by Walter Krummenacher and Marcel Schubiger. Thanks to the close cooperation with Empa, the Institute for Product Design Development and Construction of the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (IPEK) and the Swiss Textile University (STF), the first products are now ready for market. Polarmond also profited from the support of the Empa technology centres glaTec and Startfeld in establishing itself as an autonomous company. The original vision of the founders of the company was to help protect refugees and the homeless from hypothermia and death from exposure. These ideas led to the development of this worldwide unique product - a self-warming All-In-One sleep system with temperature regulation capabilities and an integrated humidity management system which is now, as a first step, serving the outdoor market. The intention is that similar sleep systems will in future also be adapted to suit the needs of the refugees/homeless and made available to them.

These products can be ordered directly here. Potential customers who wish to test the products can do so on site in Wil, Switzerland. Details of suppliers, Polarmond ambassadors and specialist stockists (both national and international) can be found on the website. Interested specialist suppliers are encouraged to stock the sleep system - enquiries in this regard should be directed to Polarmond-CEO Walter Krummenacher.

  • sleeping comfort as if you were at home
  • permanent highest quality thermal insulation
  • humidity management system ensures that you stay dry while sleeping
  • thermal regulator keeps sleeping room at a constant temperature when outside is between -30°C and +25°C