The chances of obtaining a managerial position are greatly enhanced after advanced professional education and training

Neuchâtel, 13.06.2022 - An advanced professional education and training qualification often leads to changes in the professional situation. In 2020, four years after graduation, the proportion of employees in a managerial position was between 38% and 63%, depending on the type of qualification. In comparison to the situation prior to starting training, it thus rose by 15 to 24 percentage points. After an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education, the rate of self-employed graduates was 18%, which corresponds to an increase of 11 percentage points. Four years after graduation, the majority of graduates who took examinations in 2016 would have chosen the same training again. These are the main findings from the Federal Statistical Office’s (FSO) latest publication.

This press release and further information on the topic can be found on the FSO website (see link below).