The Public Relations Council Of India honours Matthew Hibberd

The award to Prof. Matthew Hibberd of USI Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society was presented in New Delhi, India, on the occasion of the 17th Global Communication Conclave.

Prof. Hibberd was honoured for the quality of his teaching in India. During his trip to India, Matthew Hibberd also gave several presentations of his latest book on climate change both at the Indian Institute of Art and Design and at other universities in New Delhi. Among his many research interests, Prof. Hibberd recently wrote a book entitled "Young people and Climate Change", in which he investigates climate change communication in India and the UK, especially among young people, providing a broad Asian and European perspective on this key issue. The book discusses the growth of youth involvement in climate change internationally, the role of media in fashion and textiles, and the crucial importance of social media for activists.