United against the virus

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In response to these exceptional times, the monthly ETH Podcast will appear as a series of short items dealing with various aspects of the novel form of coronavirus and all its ramifications. We’ll be starting with ETH President JoĆ«l Mesot.

President Mesot is working from home ’ like nearly all ETH members at the moment. ETH Zurich was one of the first universities to close all facilities and switch to online teaching in response to the coronavirus pandemic, including those in Singapore, Basel and Lugano. "The main challenge is making sure that our students do not suffer from this situation,’ he says. Mesot is navigating the university through this phase, together with his colleagues on the Executive Board. In the ETH Podcast, he talks about why ETH was so quick in deciding, how he has experienced the past few days, and what the most significant challenges are.

ETH Podcast #COVID-19

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