Uniworld: a bridge between USI and Verona

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Throughout the academic year, the University of Verona hosts several professors, lecturers, and researchers who engage in collaborative activities such as research and teaching for a month or longer. The Uniworld initiative then shares their experiences through short videos to spread awareness about their collaborative work.

Recently representing Universitą della Svizzera italiana in this partnership, Emiliano Albanese , Professor of Public Health at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Director of the Institute of Public Health (IPH). At the University of Verona, Albanese collaborated on a project initially considered by Prof. Corrado Barbui and Prof.  Marianna Purgato , who noted the need for synthesising evidence on public mental health interventions.

Prof. Albanese, specifically, contributed to the project by introducing a methodological perspective previously applied by working with the World Health Organisation (WHO), based on the fusion of two approaches. This led to the development of a new "tool", called the Verona-Lugano tool, to facilitate access to certain information.

"The collaboration between Universitą della Svizzera italiana and Universitą degli Studi di Verona is a fantastic joint venture," emphasised Albanese in the Uniworld video, "and we will conclude an official agreement between the two universities. What has been achieved so far, however, has already produced scientific results. We have a paper under review and others in preparation, with which we will promote and disseminate our work. In addition, new research projects closely related to the main one are planned".

Below is the video produced as part of the Uniworld initiative, including the interview with Emiliano Albanese.