Velo Box offers protection from theft

Velo Box offers protection from theft

A new shelter for bikes on the ETH Zurich Hönggerberg campus gives ETH students and staff the option of hiring a secure parking place. This provides better protection for expensive bikes.

The new Velo Box in the underground Car Park 1 in the HP Building on the Hönggerberg campus has places for 42 bikes. The places are numbered and can be hired for the current year. The cost: 50 francs per year.

In the Box, your bike is safe from vandalism, theft and bad weather. «For maximum security, the bike should be kept locked even inside the Box,» says Stephanie Braunwalder from the Office for Events & Location Development.

ETH members can hire a place in the Box from the Parking desk (HIL, C46.2). Access to the Box is controlled digitally by using your ETH ID card. You just have to be a little patient: it can take about 24 hours for the ETH ID card to be validated at a validation terminal before the parking place can be used.

Bikes left in corridors

The bike parking places have come about in a joint effort by Operations, Location Development, Transport and the SSHE. «Until now, many members have taken their expensive bikes and e-bikes into the building with them and left them in the corridor or the office, so they don’t get stolen,» says Braunwalder. However, that is not allowed on safety grounds.

Now the Velo Box offers bike owners who particularly value their bikes the option of protecting their property properly. And if they still happen to suffer from a flat tyre or a loose screw: there’s a bike pump with the appropriate tools available inside the Box for them to use.

Andrea Schmits