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Veterinary - 08.06.2021
No room for discrimination or harassment
Discrimination and harassment violate scientific integrity - but the damage they do goes beyond that.

Life Sciences - Veterinary - 02.06.2020
Designing animal studies to improve research reproducibility and reduce animal use
At the invitation of the University of Bern, international experts worked out new recommendations for the design of animal studies. They encourage a paradigm shift to improve the reproducibility of scientific results and reduce animal numbers. Animal experiments are typically conducted under highly standardized laboratory conditions.

Veterinary - 18.07.2018
The EPFLoop team is ready to race
The EPFLoop team is ready to race
The EPFLoop team is in the United States where, on Sunday, it will take part in the Hyperloop Pod Competition being organized by the founder of SpaceX.

Agronomy / Food Science - Veterinary - 09.06.2016
Weak bees make strong colonies
Weak bees make strong colonies
Bern, 09. Colonies of the Eastern honey bee, the original host of parasitic Varroa destructor mites, survive infestations that are fatal to Western honey bees.

Life Sciences - Veterinary - 13.01.2010
Berner entdecken Gendefekt zur Kleinäugigkeit bei Schafen
Bern - Universität Bern Genetiker der Universität Bern haben eine Genmutation gefunden, die bei Schafen zur Kleinäugigkeit führt.