Vision Wood docks to NEST

After roughly four weeks of prefabrication in the factory of wood construction company Renggli in Schötz, the installation of the Vision Wood unit in NEST went ahead in the last week of April. Two mobile cranes lifted the seven prefabricated modules onto the middle platform of the modular research building on the Empa campus in Dübendorf.

The access road to NEST is closed off. Several flat-bed trucks are transporting the load from the Renggli factory in Sursee to Dübendorf. They are carrying seven prefabricated wood construction modules which together form the NEST unit Vision Wood and will soon provide a home for two students. Over two days in the last week of April, two mobile cranes carry the individual modules one by one carefully through the air, until they are suspended in front of their final destination on the third floor of NEST. There on the platform, the Renggli workers take over, using pulleys and rails to pull the floating modules into place between the floor platforms.

In the time remaining until the official NEST opening on 23 May 2016, the unit will be connected to the NEST backbone, an external façade will be added around the individual wooden modules and the interior will be completed. In addition to Vision Wood, the office unit Meet2Create will also already be operational at the opening.