Wyss Center showcases research at La Nuit de la Science

Visitors flocked to Geneva’s free weekend of science

Visitors flocked to Geneva’s free weekend of science

Campus Biotech joined forces with La Nuit de la Science for the first time and welcomed visitors onto campus for the duration of the two-day event

The Wyss Center team showcased a new virtual reality experience that invited the public to explore how neurotech devices could help solve paralysis, reduce tinnitus and monitor epilepsy.

Children enjoyed putting together a giant floor skeleton and real transparent MRI scan puzzles while demos helped them to understand what it might be like to have impaired vision, hearing or touch.

The exhibition highlighted the collaboration of the Wyss Center with  EPFL  while a giant spinning brain display featured the Wyss Center’s work on accelerating the development of new brain probes with  hepia. A  University of Geneva  collaboration on external brain stimulation to help people with dyslexia was also featured.